Patterns of my Days  - ONLINE Art Workshops to do at Home
with Artist Therese Flynn-Clarke

Artist and Educator, Therese Flynn-Clarke, is one of the artists behind the Above and Below Exhibition that will be made available online shortly. The exhibition reflects on our environment from an aerial viewpoint.Therese and the Scenic Rim Cultural Centres are delighted to invite you to take part in the following online (virtual) Workshops.

These FREE Workshops are suitable for adults, older teens and children.

WHAT: A series of seven workshops linked to Therese Flynn-Clarke's exhibition that you can do at home. They can be done in order from 1-7 or at random.

WHEN & WHERE: These workshop activities are now available for download (refer below) and will coincide with the school holidays and the launch of the Above and Below online exhibition.

SHARE: These workshops are available as an online resource for the duration of the exhibition period.
Post images of the work you have created be sending an email (no more than 10MB) and we will add them to the online gallery.

Have a look at what other artists have created on the Online Gallery Patterns of my days: Peoples Gallery.



Workshop 1: Looking from Above

Exploration of aerial landscapes using found objects at home to create and photograph your own aerial landscape.
You don't need to travel! 

Worksheet 1 (PDF 1MB)


Workshop 2: Layers of Meaning

Create a mixed media landscape telling the story of where you live.
Let's gather interesting and ordinary paper ephemera you might have around your home or from your travels and do something with it.

Worksheet 2 (PDF 1MB)


Workshop 3: How can we change an object to tell a story?

Turn everyday objects into artworks that convey special meanings.
It's time to collect items from nature and highlight their beauty from a different perspective.

Worksheet 3 (PDF 1MB)


Workshop 4: Postcards of Place

Create an original mixed media postcard that connects you to the local Scenic Rim landscape.
Use a variety of mixed media techniques and materials to produce a small postcard sized artwork.

Worksheet 4 (1MB)


Workshop 5: Nature Stories

A close up exploration of nature - that is all around us - and the stories that  it inspires though drawing, making rubbings and mark making.
This is an opportunity to make a Visual Arts Diary.

Worksheet 5 (1MB)


Workshop 6: People Make a Place

How have people 'made' the place where you live?
Create a series of drawings with different viewpoints of what is around your home ...

Worksheet 6 (1MB)


Workshop 7: Journeys/Travelling

Explore the concept of journeys undertaken through visual means.
This could be short journeys, e.g. to the shop, or longer journeys, e.g. travelling with your family on a road trip, or to another country.
Let's create narrative art around this.

Worksheet 7 (1MB)