Savitri Tait

Mt Tamborine QLD 4272
MOBILE 0438270066
CREATIVE ART PRACTICES Workshop Convenor, Work for Exhibition, Teaching, Community Arts
Texture of Mystical Nature THEME: . “Creativity has always been an important part of my life. I love to use my hands directly. They bring me into the present moment. Perhaps that\'s why the use of texture, the crafting with my hands as a part of the structure and composition of art brings me the deepest satisfaction - combined with the power of colour, an expression of life, bringing an undeniable depth and richness. I create from a space of not knowing, letting go, an adventure on canvas, enjoying the journey as it unfolds. For me this is a metaphor of how I live my life. This way of working transforms my art and life into a mystery and brings greater meaning, exploration and growth.” Savitri BACKGROUND Savitri’s Celtic-Australian heritage is expressed through the nature of her Mystical Artwork. In the past the Celts embraced mysticism and lived their lives in accordance with nature, expressing their spiritual and creative values. You can feel the mystery of life, the unknown, and the depth of ‘inner essence’ when viewing Savitri’s work. This manifests through colour, and texture. Extensive travelling alone in her twenties through Europe and Asia in the 1970’s enriched her understanding and interconnectedness of culture, creativity and spirituality. At this time, she found a radical and profound spiritual mystic who taught her much, over many years, about living life to its fullest. Savitri settled in Australia, loving the power of the land, the freedom of space and easiness of Australians. Several years ago, she moved to Tamborine Mountain, attracted by the ambience of nature, artists and healers. ART INFLUENCES Major influences are:Mira, Art as a catalyst for spiritual growth, inspired by Osho’s teachings, an Indian Enlightened Mystic, Poona, India. Lucja Ray, Gold Coast Artist and Inspirational Teacher, Byron Bay Art Workshops facilitated by Ruth Rich. EXHIBITIONS & SALES Savitri is a member of the TMAC (Tamborine Mountain Artists Collective) She has also sold and exhibited with: Gold Coast Arts Centre Cafe, North Tamborine Library, The Tamborine Mountain Artists Group, Tamborine Dreaming, Trinity Art Exhibition, International Miniature Art Exhibition, Royal Queensland Art Society OTHER INTERESTS Creating and facilitating WORKSHOPS/TRAININGS in Art, Healing, Spirituality & Yoga: Art of Let Go in Creativity, Mandala for Manifesting, Reiki, Counselling for Healers, Dru Yoga, Flowering through the Chakras, Savitri teaches the above way of working in one-day workshops. Students, both new and experienced to art leave feeling satisfied, uplifted and that they have found a freer way to express themselves from a deep inner creative space, having moved through old, unhelpful blocks within themselves. Letting-Go is a way to release confining beliefs and habits bringing one to just being”. Savitri lives on the mountain and can be contacted on 0438 270066 or emailed at: LIFE FOCUS Savitri’s life has been focussed on spiritual growth, bringing the unconscious to the light of awareness in everyday life; both for her personal healing and for others through her work: In the past as a social worker and teacher, later counsellor, therapist and more recently spiritual healer and artist. Her artwork is now one of the ways she loves to connect to the source, bringing both joy, nourishment, healing and the satisfaction that true creativity brings. VISION Mystical Art brings a powerful way of dissolving and breaking through blocks in the expression of creativity and other related emotional issues originating from negative childhood experiences. “This is undoubtedly a wonderful way to work with one’s creative essence, bringing deep satisfaction and healing on both conscious and unconscious levels.” Savitri