Candyce Otto

LOCATION 13 Kamet Court
Eagle Heights QLD 4271
PHONE 55453143
MOBILE 0419222568
ORGANISATION Expanded Images
CREATIVE ART PRACTICES Work for Exhibition, Technical Services, Promotion, Graphic Design, Artist in Residence
Expanded Images is owned by Candyce Otto, who wishes to offer this boutique type service of photographic and art reproduction printing service as one on one individual personal service. You will be dealing with one person, an experienced graphic designer with 20 years of experience and TAFE teaching experience. Candyce started this business to provide a level of personal service and attention to detail beyond what large printing companies can offer. The wealth of detail and nuance captured by modern digital cameras is only really appreciated in a bloody big print… sometimes size does matter!Candyce is an active member of Tamborine Mountain arts community (member of TMAC and Tamborine Mountain Photography Club) and is well skilled to advise on how to enhance and print your digital image – be it art or photographic to achieve the best possible result. Candyce is a keen photographer who has hosted exhibitions and entered local competitions. In a short period of time Expanded Images has achieved a following amongst local artists who use this service for quality limited edition prints. Candyce wants to promote photography as an art form… even offering to turn your photo into a Monet or Van Gogh, many different styles of the great masters are possible. Your photograph can be manipulated to the best effect if you require it. Candyce’s interest in large format printing arose from this passion in photography and the desire to exceed the limitations of standard or A4 prints. These can be printed on canvas, watercolour paper etc… I have a flickr gallery for Expanded Images that can be viewed here On the account you will see a variety of my images, canvases and Photo Worx images that have had various artistic effects added to them.