LOCATION Peace and Conflict Studies Institute Australia (PaCSIA), 8 Rosemont Ct,
Mount Samson QLD 4520
ORGANISATION Peace and Conflict Studies Institute Australia
CREATIVE ART PRACTICES Workshop Convenor, Project Facilitation, Cross Cultural Facilitation, Community Cultural Development, Advocacy
PaCSIA is a not-for-profit organisation located in Brisbane, Australia. We design and conduct research, consulting and training in the areas of conflict analysis, conflict transformation and peacebuilding, and engage in culturally sensitive, dialogical research and practice. PaCSIA actively supports the prevention of violence and contributes to public debate and better understanding of peace and conflict through facilitation of dialogue and constructive conflict engagement processes. PaCSIA members come from a range of academic and professional backgrounds and have extensive expertise in research, practice and academia. PaCSIA focuses on the causes of social conflict, modes of conflict resolution and emerging peacebuilding approaches with special reference to the Pacific, Southeast Asia and Australia. Our objectives are: • To be at the forefront of excellence in basic and applied research, consultancy and training, in the areas of conflict analysis, conflict transformation and peacebuilding; • To contribute to a better understanding of issues of conflict and peace through reflective practice and applied research; • To work with cross-disciplinary, culturally sensitive and dialogical approaches; • To provide policy-relevant, innovative research results and advice that is of practical relevance for the sustainable and peaceful development of communities and people in the Pacific, Southeast Asia and Australia. WORK PROGRAM OF PaCSIA The group of scholars involved in PaCSIA have strong national and international reputations and are well-connected in the field of peace and conflict studies. PaCSIA’s work on the development and peace nexus, on issues of structural and cultural violence and on human security is an expression of our orientation towards positive peace and non-violence. We focus on cross-cultural dialogue, on bottom-up approaches of peacebuilding and security provision, on community governance and on the interplay of state- and non-state based provision of security and justice in fragile situations and hybrid political orders. We recognise and value non-Western local (customary, indigenous) approaches to conflict resolution, fieldwork and qualitative research methods. PaCSIA is committed to working with partners in policy-relevant and innovative research that engages with its neighbourhood of Southeast Queensland, Australia, the Pacific and maritime Southeast Asia.