Nancy Moss

Beaudesert NSW 4285
PHONE 07 5541 2444
ORGANISATION C & M Productions
CREATIVE ART PRACTICES Community Arts, Event Coordination, Stage Management, Technical Services
In 1973 as young parents of 3 children and another on the way, Michael & Nancy Moss where looking for the idyllic place to bring up their young family, they had been working and living in Central North Queensland for several years, and after a few health issues for Nancy decided that Beaudesert was the “Place To Call Home”. It suited them with plenty of building work for Michael and not too far from family and hospitals for Nancy. It was once the children became active in their sports and other interests, that Nancy and Michael decided that they need to take part in their childrens’ interest as well, and also foster some of their own. Though not a entertainer herself, (neither was Michael), they both however forged an interest in Country Music, and soon became friends with many Country Artist from Slim Dusty to local performers, and Nancy soon found herself writing a Country Music column for the Beaudesert Times, she had dabbled in writing, and though never sure enough of herself to put any of her work forward, this was a great outlet for her. This lead to her founding the local Beaudesert Country Music Association, along with the energy and drive of Michael, they soon made this a hugely successful organization. As an executive and a committee member Nancy organized successful festivals over many years, and helped raise money for the organization and charity. She was invited to judge at Australia’s best known Country Music Festivals and was honoured with several awards of recognition. Michael and Nancy’s son soon became an acclaimed drummer also winning many awards and working with many of the top Artist of the time, even though he first started at the tender age of 5. By this time her three girls where showing interest in sports, and with the encouragement of some of the young girls of the district Nancy then became one of the founding members of the then Beaudesert Netball Club, she was the first Coach and Umpire of the club, as well as fundraiser. She saw the club grow into such a successful “Organization”. Other groups soon asked her for assistance and she joined a few other organizations as a committee member and assisted their formation along the way. Then she was contacted by the very enthusiastic and hard working Julie (Gordon) Moor, who asked her to join her and other interested people in setting up a much needed Festival for the town, thus was born the Beaudesert Country & Horse Festival. Throughout the 14 years of the Festival Nancy took on many executive rolls, and was the Festival Coordinator for most of this time while also taking on rolls from President for 7 years organizer for the many successful Concerts that became the trade mark of the Festival. After a year or so break, Nancy then was invited on the board of the RADF, which she is still a novice at, but enjoys this opportunity to work in, and with her Community. She was also invited by the Scenic Rim Regional Council to become the coordinator for the ASSI 150 YEAR COMMEMORATION COMMITTEE FOR THE SCENIC RIM REGION, this is an ongoing roll for Nancy and possibly the most challenging she has taken on, but also the most rewarding, as she feels that this commemoration event is of the highest importance to the History and the future of her much loved region, and hopes that it will lead to recognition of other groups of people, and an understanding of the cultural and historical roll that people of all nations have played in the development of the SCENIC RIM REGION.