Penny Wright

LOCATION 1 Frenches Creek Road
Boonah QLD 4310
PHONE 07 5463 2690
CREATIVE ART PRACTICES Storytelling, Scriptwriter, Commercial or Corporate Writing
Penny Wright was born in Scotland and received her high school education in England. An interest in language and literature was fostered from a young age. When the generator failed at home, her mother lit candles and read poetry to her young daughters. Book reading was encouraged. At school, live theatre performances were part of the curriculum, along with learning about a vast range of literature in several languages. About ten years ago, Penny and her husband John became gravely ill. In writing her journal to cope with this crisis, Penny found poetry 'popping up'. After John died, she published her first book of poetry In The Wind. Journey in the Wind followed. She has written a book of short biographies, The Glory Box, as well as Reflections from One's Window, a work to encourage and support people whose partner has died. Her third book of poetry, this time illustrated with photographs she has taken, is presently in the publisher's hands. During the past ten years, Penny has performed poetry readings around Queensland as well as speaking in public at a variety of events. Penny's poetry covers a wide range of subjects. Philosophical ideas and Nature are ever present. However, although she delights in listening to and reading bush poetry, this genre has proved difficult for her to produce; she is happy to leave this to others! Now she has grandchildren, she is writing poetry and stories for them, hoping to help them develop the delight in language she has.