Fae Fleur

LOCATION 6 Kalmia Crt, Eagle Heights
Tamborine Mountain QLD 4271
PHONE 0437 115 775
MOBILE 0437 115 775
EMAIL faerieglasscreationsIGNORE@gmail.com
ORGANISATION Faerie Glass Creations
WEBSITE http://www.etsy.com/au/shop/Faerieglasscreations
FACEBOOK http://m.facebook.com/FairiesOnTheWalk/
Fae Fleur, a self confessed Glass Addict!!! I\'m a Kiln form artist, Glass Blower, and budding torch worker. I love the fluidity of blowing glass, the simplicity, intricacies, and depth of glass in general. The endless possibilities, & timelessness of glass are magic I can\'t live without! Sharing this magic with those that feel it too, is my dream. I welcome commissions, take workshops in Slumping Glass, “Fritology”, Roll-ups, Jewellery making, & in conjunction with David Palmers’ S.E. Queensland Glassblowing Club, we also teach Glass Blowing, from basic beginners, to advanced sessions.