Becc Holdorf

LOCATION 329 FM Bell Road
Mount Alford QLD 4310
PHONE 07 5463 0350
MOBILE 0429 859 269 (Tanya Holdorf)
CREATIVE ART PRACTICES Songwriting/Composing, Recording, Performance Work
Becc Holdorf’s musical journey started at the tender age of 4 years old. With guidance from her family, Becc started publicly entertaining with her delightful voice and beaming personality. Her early influences in music were of a country flavour. By age 7, she had recorded her first song on a family album. At age 9, she became the Juvenile QLD Country Music Champion of Champions. Becc then developed her skills as a musician. Firstly on the violin, then keyboard and guitar. At 13, she won a scholarship to the prestigious Academy of Country Music in Tamworth. In recent years, Becc has also emerged as a singer/songwriter, drawing on influences from contemporary pop and rock genres. At 14, she released her own E.P. entitled ‘Wild and Free’, which saw her song ‘New Beginning’ become a 2012 Q Music finalist. Now, almost 16, she is in the process of recording a debut album with the emerging band, Noisy Minors. Becc currently performs as a solo artist and as a member of the bands Living in Harmony and Noisy Minors.