Jennifer Burchard

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CREATIVE ART PRACTICES Work for Exhibition, Team Building, Teaching, Storytelling, Songwriting/Composing, Scriptwriter, Recording, Public Art, Performance Work, Multimedia Projects and Collaborations, Graphic Design, Community Cultural Development, Commercial or Corporate Writing, Artist in Residence, Advocacy
Jennifer Burchard is a mature age entrant to the arts field after a career in business development. Arts practice is evolving around a range of writing including poetry, short stories, novella, and literary explorations, illustration in charcoals, photography, digital design, video and online projections. In the creator role, Jennifer might be described as a writer, visionary, integral artist, an imaginer, source of inspiration and motivation and the Ideas Factory with a strong focus on Identity and Purpose. From where do we come; who are we; what do we want to be and how do we get there? Jennifer’s works explore and seek clarity, whether it is about a personality, a culture, or an enterprise. More details and a greater depth of understanding taps intuition and the visceral and seeks to adapt and project those forces forward. Jennifer finds inspiration from events, at a location, or in an enterprise and particularly in the environment. Is there room for input to help define and build your festival, event, property, venue, business, enterprise or undertaking? Venues might include parks and sports fields. Business might be a traditional high street enterprise, a factory, a farm or a tourist destination. Benchmark or contrast another view with your own in the quest to go one better for your undertaking. Sometimes it is a situational snapshot, the magic of the moment, the customer experience and the motivation to buy. Go freelance and see what catches her eye – an open brief. Specify what you need and want – it might include a review, critique, feedback, research and observation, more detailed research, a range of ideas from the general to more specific foci, or seek to tap something more visceral or instinctive. Words, illustrations, images, rhymes, names, sayings, a song, ideas, concepts, variations .. there is a range of material that may emanate. The experience is a collaboration and sharing. Says Jennifer of her digital work, “Digital display is a form of Projection. My art includes photography and presentation in story telling. Sometimes I include text/ words and other inputs. Long prose is a contrary and more complex form. Short digital photographic is an entry level. I use the digital display as motivation/ inspiration to myself and these tools can serve that purpose for you too. They are often works in progress and the end form can be illustration to support the written work. By exhibiting the digital displays and interacting with community, I begin to bring others with me on a journey and progression.” The opportunity to exhibit at Pop Up Art Canungra on 3&4 June 2017 generated exhibit experience and public engagement for Jennifer’s work “Brachychiton, Lace Bark.” Portfolio content was tailored to application for Canungra. The exhibit offered something for everyone in a mix of the natural and digital environments. The work brought together photography, digital art, poetry, botanical notes, generated a nature walk, used Google Maps, and introduced QR codes and direct links. Presentation was via projection of material housed on a cloud platform onto the wall in a galler-like venue. From the internet and mobile devices, the presentation is perpetually available at or at Jennifer is currently working on a short story, a prose Colloquially titled “Bottle Trees,” the nature and character of history…evolution and adaptation. The digital displays, some exhibit material, the short story .. the works are designed to build interest, momentum and continuity.