Olivia McMahon

LOCATION 12-14 Burnett Street
Sadliers Crossing QLD 4305
PHONE 0427097939
MOBILE 0427097939
EMAIL mcmliv54IGNORE@live.com.au
ORGANISATION ArtsConnect Ipswich
CREATIVE ART PRACTICES Youth Work, Work With People With a Disability, Work With Children, Work in Schools, Teaching, Storytelling, Community Cultural Development, Community Arts
Trained painter National Art School and high school Art Teacher - Alex Mackie CAE Sydney. Worked with pre- school through to Seniors with Disabilities in schools, institutional and community settings. Seeking new opportunities in Arts/Community settings with collaborative activities and view to building individual , personal and community strength and agility. My teaching career as Special Ed teacher ended with Medical Retirement in 1996 so I feel quite disconnected from high school Art curricula etc . More connected with academic world after 13 years of Post Grad! Recent completion of Master of Information Studies (Community Networking) from Charles Sturt University 2013. Experience as volunteer in Ipswich Visitor Centre and Community at The Exchange in Kelvin Grove. Also based final subjects Community Outreach and Community Histories on Ipswich City Council projects and LGA info. MBA from Uni Sunshine Coast had International Business focus with cross cultural elements. Currently help administer Lost Ipswich Facebook group and provide research for informative talks to community, social groups and Ipswich Historical Society members for mutual benefits. Enjoy participating in collaborative projects and relish brain storming sessions!