Matthew Willmann

LOCATION 75 George St
Kalbar QLD 4309
PHONE 0402 410 602
ORGANISATION Mr Willmann's Photography
Biography of Matthew Willmann While most kids were running around the school playground enjoying the physical abilities of their bodies I could be found hiding out in the school library, living a secret life full of imagination. Methodically thumbing through the pages of National Geographic magazines, Asterix and Tin Tin comics, while absorbing anything that was strong in the graphic mediums, I found that I was born to see the world through images. It was a photo of my grandparents, who had passed, hanging in the hallway of my parent’s house that sparked a desire to document the days of our lives for present and future generations. Starting with my own family, as most photographers do, I began documenting the everyday, saving those memories for tomorrow. This developed, pardon the pun, into a full blown obsession which led me to complete a Diploma in Photo Imaging in 2013/14 which has opened up my skills and craft to an entirely new level. Now I want to share with you the joy of having precious images hanging on the walls of your house, which will be tomorrow’s memories for generations to come. These images will be treasured and will be a link to past days that are so fleeting and precious. Focused, skilled and above all passionate I am the professional photographer for you. Mr. Willmann