Michael Simms

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CREATIVE ART PRACTICES Technical Services, Songwriting/Composing, Recording, Performance Work, Multimedia Projects and Collaborations, Documentary Maker
Michael Robert Simms was born July 4 1984 in Brisbane, Queensland. He is now a Graduate of the Bachelor of Popular Music program at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University majoring in Popular Music Production. Michael first studied Audio Engineering and music composition at age 16 at the Southbank Institute of TAFE after finishing year ten high school as a lead up to university studies.
In 2004, Michael commenced the Bachelor of Popular Music program at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University (Gold Coast Campus) majoring in Popular Music Production/Digital recording where he and fellow student, Luke Reichelt formed the 'Geek rock' group, The Combovers. Along with the mixing assistance of Guy Cooper, Most of The Combovers recordings were engineered by Luke and Michael as they were primarily audio engineering students during most of the bands existence.
Their debut Album Bin Night Anthems was released in Japan through CCRE music and online via social networks and iTunes. The Japanese artwork for Bin Night anthems is different to the Australian version.
In 2006, the band performed at the Gold Coast Big Day Out Festival as well as various shows around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The band also embarked on a mini tour to Newcastle and Sydney with Newcastle group Heartbreak club as a promotion for Bin Night Anthems.
The follow up to 'Bin Night' was a punk/metal/traditionalised synthesiser 'reworking' of classical music pieces by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Edvard Grieg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, P.I Tchaikovsky, and Antonio Vivaldi called 'If it ain't Baroque, Don't fix it'.

After the classical EP was recorded, Ian Peres Joined Wolfmother, and Jeff Paton had also disbanded due to illness. Luke and Michael had some songs for a MIDI-based music release called 'More Machine Now Than Band'. Two songs eventuated, Iron Bridge and The Hard Part. The Combovers performed live briefly with Vincent Perry on drums during this period. More machine now than band was the last recorded offering by The Combovers.

During his time at Griffith University, Michael has also contributed production, sequencing and instrumentation to recordings by the likes of Lecia Mchail-Bell, Paisley (Bite The Bullet EP), Lexx, The Greys (The etiquette of standing whilst scoring), Fat Mans Cleavage, Program Error, Red Marty, Chris Mallory, The Beatniks (demo) and Jaya Mcloughlin. After graduating with a Bachelor of Popular Music degree in 2007, Michael recorded and performed various instruments on two releases by Doug Edwards; an EP 'Favourite songs' and an album called 'Painted Pale', which sparked a move to North Brisbane to complete these two recordings (along with a follow up EP for Red Marty, and an EP for Cody Butler.
Michael's future interests include composing music for short film.