@ The Centre Beaudesert


Writers from around the Scenic Rim are welcome to join this group. The objectives are to hold writing events and workshops to build skills, support each other and develop networks. 

The Queensland Writers Centre (QWC) provides a mentoring role to the group and assists with editing, masterclasses, and publications.

Scenic Rim Writers Group Books



Monthly meeting on the first Tuesday of the month


10am - 1pm



The Centre Beaudesert


FREE but please register before the meeting by calling (07) 5540 5050 during office hours: Tues - Fri 10am - 4pm

Please make contact with either of the following if interested in the Scenic Rim Writers Group:

Di Morris (President) 0404 257 838  or  Gary Moloney (Secretary) 5544 3168:

MYSTERY, MURDER & MAYHEM is the 2021 publication of the Scenic Rim Writers Group.

BEN ALLMON, author of The Black and WhIte Braid: Roads, Peoples, and StorIes of the Scenic Rim says:

"Whether it is the impressive depth of research in Robyn Dobbs’ tales, the dreamlike eeriness of Toni Risson’s ‘The Chinese Shepherd’, the incandescent thread that fire weaves through Di Morris’ and Gary Moloney’s stories, the chants, poems, or indeed any of the 22 works by these accomplished writers, Mystery, Murder & Mayhem has the remarkable ability to see the Scenic Rim through a very different lens, albeit a sometimes dark one. A fascinating read."


The Scenic Rim Writers has produced the following books that are available for purchase at The Centre Beaudesert, 82 Brisbane Street, Beaudesert.

Mystery, Murder & Mayhem (2021): Produced by the Scenic Rim Regional Writers through Piccabeen Press : $25.00

The Word on the Street (2018): Published by Queensland Writers Centre (QWC) on behalf of Scenic Rim Regional Council and Scenic Rim Writers Group: $19.95

War Stories and Our Town - an anthology from the Scenic Rim (2016): Published by Scenic Rim Regional Council and Queensland Writers Centre (QWC): $25.00