5 & 6 May 2018

Hand-tufted Rugs | Textiles
Natural dyes
Rugmaking by hand


8 Griffith Street

North Tamborine  4272


0438 147 352



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Bec Andersen is a textile artist specialising in the design and production of hand tufted rugs. Her guiding philosophy comes from William Morris who said "Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful”.

'I believe in functional art, my rugs are designed to be beautiful but they will also withstand the demands of everyday living. The process of making a rug is a perfect blend of yin and yang. The hand dyeing of the wool yarn is a tactile and sensual process which yields lovely variegated shades. These fibres are blended into the final piece and emerge like wood grains in a beautiful piece of timber.'

The making of the rug is a more industrial process with the use of a hand held tufting gun which operates with air and electricity. She works on a vertical canvas from behind, sometimes on a scaffold wearing ear plugs for the noise.
The full process is documented on her website along with the commission process.
If you wish to make an appointment outside of open studio hours to talk about a commission, this can be arranged via email or phone. Bec is currently working on a series of hall runners.   

Demonstrations of various rugmaking techniques: punch needle rugmaking, hand tufting, proggy, hooky.


  • Knoll National Park
  • Curtis Falls National Park
  • Zamia Theatre
  • Doughty Park


  • North Tamborine Village - ATM, Banks, supermarket, chemist, cafes and restaurants, service station, Hotels
  • Doughty Park toilets and Visitor Information Centre
  • Drift, Three little pigs, The Mountain Brew
  • Clancy’s Irish Pub.


  • Louise Grove Wiechers
  • Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective Inc. (TMAC)
  • Bec Anderson
  • Brigitte Doering
  • Denise Murray
  • Ron Bryant Wisteria Cottage
  • Kyonghee Kim

Map of North Tamborine Loop