16 & 17 MAY 2015


New Media | Projection
Sound Art | pPainting
Drawing | Photography
Creative Writing


Larkin Art Projects
3B 15 Main St
North Tamborine  4272


0439 540 895



2015 STUDIOS MAP location #11

workshops available
commissions welcome


Alinta Krauth is a projection artist, sound artist, games designer, and poet, with a keen interest in physical computing, and environmental and political issues. Her interactive online and projection work has been shown in both local and international exhibitions, journals, and festivals including Townsville, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canada, the UK, and even East Broadway, New York. Her work has been internationally recognised in reviews such as the Canadian-based online academic journal ‘Art and Science Journal’

'Visitors to my work will be offered an immersive digital experience as they walk through my projection mapping onto sculpture pieces. My plan is to turn the space that I have into an interactive light room, using projection. The space will also be aurally immersive, with speakers set up outside. They will find a selection of paintings, drawings (originals) and digital art prints for purchase. Many of these pieces will be based on the process of ‘black out poetry’, where the artist uses old books as canvases for creating art.

There will hopefully be spare book ‘canvases’ and pencils available for anyone who wants to sit down with me and create on the weekend – this may be particularly interesting for children. This will not be an official workshop, but a chance for people to interact with the space.'


• The Knoll National Park
• Doughty Park
• Joalah National Park
• Curtis Falls


• North Tamborine Village- ATM, Banks, supermarket, chemist, cafes and restaurants, service station, Hotels
• Doughty Park public toilets and Visitor Information Centre


• Clinton Barker
• Bec Andersen
• Annapurna Moongrove: The Felting Pot
• The Art Gallery Collective

Map of North Tamborine Loop