Scenic Rim Regional Council's Local Heritage Register


On 29 July 2014, Council adopted a Local Heritage Register for the Scenic Rim. The Local Heritage Register is a collection of 54 places that have local cultural heritage significance in accordance with the established criteria based on those outlined in the Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter 1999.

A Local Heritage Register was required in order to achieve compliance with the Heritage Act which, in March 2008, made it compulsory for local governments to prepare and maintain a Local Heritage Register.

Local Heritage Register


Scenic Rim Museums

The Scenic Rim region is rich in history and is home to a number of fascinating and well-resourced museums. The Scenic Rim Heritage Network is a collection of the historical villages, museums and collections within the Scenic Rim region. These museums chart the progress and development of architecture, farming techniques, living arrangements, politics and major events throughout the region since the mid 1800s.