Arts Dinner Program 2017

Arts Dinners are a program of events to support the development of Creative Industries across and beyond the Scenic Rim. In 2017 the themes of the arts dinners have been chosen to tie in with our Creating Connected Communities program.

Arts Dinners have been running since 2007 to develop creative programs across the Scenic Rim including Studios and Events, Heritage Trails and Public Art and so much more.  Through the arts dinners we have hosted guest speakers from around the region, state, country and the world  who have shared their stories and skills with the arts community.

Arts Dinners are held every 2 months to stimulate creative industry in the Scenic Rim! These are free but sustainable events and we thank you for your cooperation and participation. Bring a plate ready to serve for a communal supper. Fridge storage available. Limited heating facilities. RSVP to or call 5540 5050